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The FormEngine tool is an online service that meshes the presentation of HTML forms with the portability of PDF documents.

HTML forms, generated based on a PDF document, are used to gather data from end-users. This data is then merged into an associated PDF document. Note that the associated PDF file must contain form fields.

Sample Solution
The source code contains a sample solution to demonstrate the FormEngine capabilities. This solution contains the following projects:

Sample WebSite This website demonstrates the capabilities of the project. On Default.aspx, input fields will be presented based on the fields contained within a sample document (~/forms/sample.pdf). From here, you enter your data, select "Generate PDF" and then select either the "View PDF" or "View Data" buttons.

The code behind for Default.aspx contains the basic function calls needed to load a PDF, display the form fields and generate the document.
FormEngine This project contains the classes that comprise the core FormEngine application. Of particular interest are the FormParser and PdfFormParser classes.
FormEngine.Web This project contains the web based elements of the FormEngine application. The FormControl web control encapsulates logic for displaying and retrieving form input.

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